Working Remotely

The Process of Working with a BT Employee

A BT employee will not face any challenge when it comes to work remotely as the highly advanced technology has made the communication easy and took BassanTech ahead in developing a better workplace.

The ICT has made the facilitation of a two way communication process, where the professional sitting abroad and the employees in India can work remotely. It has become a reality to work remotely.

Closely collaborate and Train your Offshore Employees

The professional employees hired for the particular profile will work as similar the local professional with a slight difference that he/she is working under the same sky but miles away. In other words, the fact is that you will be connected to him/her as like the local professional but via remotely communication way, no matters at which distance, he/she is located.

Major services that we cater to our clients are as follows:

  • Collaboration software
  • Video conferencing facilities
  • Remote PC software
  • Email communication
  • Skype Chat
  • Instant Messengers
  • Local Contact number

Time Zone Difference is NOT a Hindrance at BT

24X7 ASSISTANCE: The diversity in timings is not an issue for a BT employee as we have an excellent IT and support desk team to meet the need of every employee. The BT employee will not face any kind of a downtime and time zone issues. On the other hand, employees can buzz the support desk at any point of a time, the professionals are here to give assistance in terms of work queries.

BT EMPLOYEE - A VALUED RESOURCE: The supervisors of the team guide each professional to bring the quality service. Some of the numerous benefits include:

  • The premises should be managed properly to bring high quality service and keep the motivation level at a high level.
  • At BT, the HR executives will look after the work and supervise the client's remote employees.
  • The experts of the IT team make sure to not to bring any kind of technical issues to the client and in case any issue occurs, they look after it instantly, to rectify the problem.

Our Flexible Approach


BassanTech provides required space to the clients to bring them a perfect frequency of communication as it is a prime concern of them. So, this enables the client to easily connect with the offshore employees whenever they are in need of it.


  • How do I communicate with my employee?
    At BT, the clients are liberal to take their decision that how would they like to communicate. Whether they would like to communicate over the call or via email, web chat etc.
  • Is it possible to have a trial with an employee?
    The expert team provides the trial services that exist approx. 4 hours. In case, you wish to exceed the trial period to get satisfaction, then the service will be chargeable. For every extra hour, you are supposed to pay.
  • How does BassanTech monitor my employee's work output?
    BassanTech doesn't go under the monitoring process of employee's progress and output of their job. BT is responsible to find whether the professional is working under the given guidance or not. And also keep concern about their attendance, presence at the workstation etc.
  • If my hired employee takes leaves, will I get a replacement?
    If the employee hired at your end, then there is no replacement exists.
  • Can I give training to my employee(s)?
    Yes, you can provide the training to your employee(s) via Skype, video conference, PC sharing,, and many more as each of these services is available in the premises.
  • Can I visit the employee at BT office?
    As our premise is entirely an extension of your own unit, you are welcomed by the BT staff. You are free to visit the office and find your employees working on the give task. But, before you come to office, kindly let us know to arrange a formal meeting with our manager for the same.
  • Is my employee allowed to travel to my country if I wish to impart onsite training?
    Of course they are allowed to travel to your country or any other country as per your wish.
  • Is it possible to work with more than a single professional?
    As there are two working modes, so it is possible to work with more than one professional.
    1. Dedicated employee model, wherein you are enabled to work with only one employee that too via remotely process.
    2. The Team mode, wherein the professionals will get mixed number of skills.
  • How does BT supervise their employees?
    The supervising process of BT is under the HR department. They look after the attendance of the employees and their working hours. If you want us to install any software to track the activities of the employees, then we will surely proceed with the same.
  • Can I take a look at the sample work done by the prospective candidates?
    Of course, you will get the sample work of any of the employees who is working here with BT.
  • In what hours will the BT employee work?
    According to your choice, the professionals can work in:
    Indian Shift timings
    Your shift timings
    Overlapping shift timings
  • How do I come to know that the BT employee is a dedicated one?
    According to the shift timing that is instructed to him/her, you can directly contact to find the daily or hourly updates as per your need. And according to the output, you can find whether the employee is dedicated or not.