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Remote Employee Engagement is a new luxury

Remote world – What a luxury this “work from home” concept has brought into our lives. Three years back, we haven’t imagined ourselves working from our places and delivering the work from our comfort zone. No doubt, working from our own space is environmentally cozy and gives an absolute work-life balance. For women, It has been the greatest advantage who wants to have a remote career while looking after their family.

For HRs, this has become a practice to handle employees remotely and ensures that it won’t affect performance and keep the employees engaged positively.

To ensure that employees are still connected with each other professionally and performing their tasks as expected, below are the ways:

  • Daily Scrum online meetings:

Today, now teams are being handled by their respective managers remotely. To make sure in this IT era that everything is being done as expected, Managers are having an online stand-up meeting through Teams, Skype, or any other in-house platform in the morning. This helps the business to have a track of the employees’ tasks, the status or action of any assigned work, and any challenges, or suggestions by the employees.

  • Fundoo Day (Fun day):

To keep employees motivated and engaged, HRs are scheduling an hour or two-hour session while blocking their calendars. This session is all about having fun together which strengthens the bond among virtual employees. HR team takes care of the entire online session and sends the details.

For example – If there is any game session, solve the puzzle session, singing session, etc. The HR team rolls out the email mentioning all the details and criteria of the same.

With this, employees sitting at different places connect with each other and spend good quality time with all the other office mates of their company. They can see each other faces and this further boosts the spirits while spreading positive vibes across.

  • Chat platforms:

When employees work from the office, they can chat about topics that are not work-related which results in building stronger personal connections. Now, while working from home, they can still chat with their co-workers with the help of in-house chat platforms, Microsoft teams, Skype, and message groups. They can still enjoy the virtual presence of their office mates, which makes them feel they are still a part of the team even if they are not under one roof.

  • Calendar blocking:

With calendar blocking, for any training session, introduction session, fund day session, festival celebration session, etc, the business can ensure successful connection among the employees. We can also have our important discussions virtually regarding quarterly reviews, next budgetary plans, performance reviews, challenges, etc. This way, we can have our business running at a good pace, leaving no room for any incomplete or unattended action while working virtually from different places. The new virtual IT era has brought a drastic change and positivity in every working person as employees are still connected, deliveries are still on time, and performance is still as expected. In this remote world, employee engagement is not a challenge anymore as everyone has settled down with this practice and most companies have made their way out of it.

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