Want to know the true value of Cloud services?

It's common to think a lot about any kind of service before signing up. And it is important to know the pros and cons of any service before getting it. You might say that numerous businesses sign up for the Cloud because now it is touted as a highly advanced and revolutionary technology. And if you’re one of those that struck on the bandwagon, you may actually be counted amongst the soon-to-be disappointed.

The main reasoning behind this is quite simple. Businesses who get the most out of the Cloud know exactly what the problems are. They know which kind of workflows and tasks can get the benefit from, and have their efficiency to boost up the business sales, high-tech Cloud technologies. And they’ve recognized how the Cloud can rewire their overall work processes.

The true purpose of the Cloud

Did you just notice the word “efficiency” in the block of above written text? If you did, then you’ve surely recognized the true value the Cloud brings to a business. You don’t need to believe the hypes that the Cloud will boost your bottom line magically or some kind of miracle will happen. Although it has that solid potential, the Cloud is all about efficiency. It can save you precious time searching for necessary documents, essential updating software, and can easily replacing documents stored on a lost laptop. And it also enhances efficiency and creates strong collaboration among your staff members. What's more, when your overall business is in the Cloud, it means your business is everywhere. And that simply means increased efficiency.

Where businesses go wrong with the Cloud

Besides finalizing on the Cloud bandwagon without giving a thought where it can be beneficial to your business, a major reason the Cloud fails for SMBs is just because they’ve chosen the wrong vendor actually. The fact is, some vendors are going to try other options and may be oversell you on Cloud services you don’t need at all. Instead of getting a whole suite of Cloud services which includes software plugins, a new Cloud infrastructure and development platforms, maybe your business would give you more profit by just keeping it so simple with Google applications. It's just depends on your objectives.

Secondly, if you’re a small business holder, then make sure the IT provider you’re talking to caters to all the small businesses. Moreover, if their target customers are large enterprises, you’re most probably going to be overpaying for a service that usually doesn’t well-align with your business model.

Does the Cloud really add value to my business?

It's for sure, that the Cloud can improve efficiency but the thing is, if you know where to implement it properly. A study of 757 SMBs by Exact and the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research got the actual fact that one in five SMBs surveyed had implemented Cloud technologies. And out of this, 78% of those were now operating at levels all above decided industry standards.

In conclusion, is adapting the Cloud going to immediately start making you money? Likely not, but it will go positive impact on your business in other valuable ways for the long-lasting run. You’ll have enhanced the flexibility, scalability, increased processes and streamlined workflow of business. Is all this best for business? Well, what do you actually think?

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