Terms and Conditions


We at BassanTech believe that by accessing our website and using our valuable services you are agreeing to the terms of use and services comply with the website. That’s why we would like you to read the terms and conditions mentioned on the website carefully to avoid any misconception related to our terms of services. The website http://www.bassantech.com/ is a property of BassanTech and it reserves the right to modify or change or update the information on the website without any prior notification. Therefore it is always good for our clients and associates to read the terms of service on the regular basis.


Before using the website, we want you to go through our policies carefully and if you continue with exploring the website, then we believe that you completely agree with the terms of services of BassanTech.


The BassanTech logo, website content and all trademark related to the company are sole property of BassanTech. You don’t have any right to use the Trademark or logo of the BassanTech in any condition. You can’t even allow using the layout and the content of the website in any form. In short, you are not allowed to use the property of BassanTech that include text, graphics, logos, images and audio clips. In case, anyone will find using all these properties without company’s nod, legal action will be initiated against them.

BassanTech also respects the trademark and legal property of others and the same we accept from our users. In case you think that your work has been copied in one way to other which is a violation of trademark or copyright Act, or that your intellectual property rights have been otherwise violated, please inform the same at BassanTech helpdesk with complete details of the complaint. We assure you to take swift action against the complaint registered with us. Please follow the below mentioned terms carefully:

  • Send a description of the intellectual property which you think we have violated in any form.
  • Send a description or screenshot of the material which you claimed that we have violated.
  • Mark the violated part clearly and send it to us to appropriate action.
  • Send us your details in complete manner means it should have your name, address and mobile number and Email address.
  • We ask you to send us a declaration that that you have a trust that the disputed use is not endorsed by the owner of intellectual property, its agent or the law.
  • We ask you to send a statement mentioning that the information in your notice is accurate and you have the legal rights of all mentioned property under the provision of Copyright Act.


BassanTech provides access to the users to the wider collection of resources via its network of properties that can be accessed through any medium of device. Users also understand that the services provided by BassanTech contain several advertisements and communication feature so they might get notification related to the updates, announcements and newsletters on their emails or mobiles. Such communications are associated with users’ membership with the company. The company is not responsible for any third party advertisements and the users are solely responsible for any fees or fraud occurred due to third party advertisement. So we want you to be careful while clicking on such links. The company is also not responsible for any error or loss of connection due to connectivity failure.


To register with BassanTech, you need to create your account with the user name and password. Here, we want to inform you that the company does not provide or use user personal details in any condition so be aware if someone ask you to provide your account details. The users are solely responsible for any misuse or hacking of their account details. In case any suspicious access to your account, then please lodge your complaint with BassanTech without any delay. We request you to logout your account every time after using it. BassanTech cannot and will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused due to mishandling of your account.


We at BassanTech have a safe and secure privacy policy. Any date related to your personal details cannot be leaked or used from the company. All the information related to you are highly confidential for us therefore the company does not provide it to any partner or third party. For further details: please contact our customer care team.


BassanTech may allow some third parties to share their links on the website. Therefore when you explore or access any non BassanTech websites, you are solely responsible for any damage or loss caused due to it. Even if the logo of BassanTech is showing on any other website and you access the same link, it means you have left the original BassanTech website. So in such cases, we are not bound for any legal action if you lose your personal details or countered with any issue. We also want our users to understand that all third party links appeared on the website don’t mean to endorse the same by BassanTech. Here we clearly state that entities, products, or services of any other companies are not at all endorse by us. We are not responsible for their authenticity, accuracy and legality. Therefore we aware our users not to click on such links because in that way, they might invite system viruses including worms and trojan horses that can harm your system and its data.


Registering your account with BassanTech, you need to provide accurate and complete details of your identity as individual. We also wish you to update your account on regular basis. In case we find any irregularities in your information or personal details shared with us, we have right to suspend your account without any notification. In case of suspicious activities, BasanTech can also terminate your account for lifetime or deny you to access the website in future. In both the cases, the user barred from receiving services under the laws.


The person, who posted video, content, music or graphics posted publicly or privately, is solely responsible for any dispute related to it. BassanTech is nowhere is responsible in this case. We believe that the content uploaded on the website by the member is authentic and not copied from any source. We are also not responsible for any legal action in case wrong information has been initiated by any person on the name of BassanTech. Therefore we ask our clients and users to read Terms of Service (TOS) carefully.


Accessing the website of BassanTech from all parts of world, the user is solely responsible for compliance with local laws in case accessing such websites is illegal in certain countries or territories. We ask users to access the website as per the laws of their countries. We make no representation that content, graphics and videos uploaded on the website are appropriate as per the laws of any country.


We believe that the users will not exploit or tampered with any of the services of BassanTech nor they sell or reproduce the same. Legal action will be initiated against those who try to resale of services complied with BassanTech.


Your use of and access to the website of BassanTech, access to the video, images and content uploaded by BassanTech and third party is your own risk. The content and related things over the website are mainly for information purpose as available till the date. We don’t take guarantee of the authenticity and legality of the information provided by the third party. We also don’t take responsibility of accuracy or completeness of the content uploaded on the website. We also take no responsibility in loss or damage of your system due to accessing any other websites or third party links. All the images, video and content uploaded on the website is virus free still sometimes when the users try to copy or download the content or video, some unwanted cookies attached to it that might cause harm to your system. In such cases also, we are not liable for legal action. Accessing to the website is completely at the risk of the user.


You clearly understand and agree that BassanTech and any other purveyor to the user generated content ‘Shall Not Be Liable’ to you for:

  • Any loss or damage that you may bring upon yourself, including without limitation due to showing trust on accuracy and authenticity of the user generated content or any modification or alteration to the website or any provisional disruption or enduring termination in the provision of user generated content or if appropriate, your malfunction to uphold your account details or passwords.
  • To the complete amount acceptable by law, BassanTech is not responsible for any direct or indirect, loss or damages caused or with regard to your use of or associated to the websites, though BassanTech had formerly been advised of, or practically could have anticipated, the risk of such loss or damages, however they come up, in case of breach of contract, disregard or other circuitous action.

In case of any kind violation on the website, we would like you to contact at info@bassantech.com or call us at our customer care number +91 (11) 653-56503 for any queries related to intellectual property.