Staff Pricing

Practical and Authentic Staff Pricing

We at BassanTech provide you a sense of satisfaction when partnering with Remote Staff. With them, you get highly professional, experienced, skilled and dedicated staff as well as outstanding support service that mitigate your concern and risk related to many areas that include Account Manager, HR, Payroll, IT and Legal for the same price or little bit less as compared to a freelancer.

Rise in Wages

Due to many reasons, wages have seen a rapid jump across the world. There has a considerable jump in the wages of mid-to expert staff members. Nowadays the demand of hiring the best talents is rising which has given a passage to double the wages for staff members especially for SEO Specialist and Software Developers. There are many others reasons that play a major role in wages rise.

Inflated Prices for Foreigners

Due to charging on the hourly basis by the freelancers to foreign businesses, standard market rates have significantly inflated. That’s the main reason you see rates almost doubled on various services.

BassanTech Understands ‘Actual’ Wages Rates

We at BassanTech have a good experience of recruiting and understand the market quite closely. With our vast experience, we know the actual rates for wages across the world. We can identify the right and true market rates for skilled levels.

Maintaining ‘Fair’ Rates

Keeping in mind the market rate, we take care of the staff and their payment by providing them considerably reasonable rates as compared to the standard rates of the market. When the candidates enhance their skills and get some experience at his back, we at BassanTech consider fair increment in their rates for the works they are doing. The increase can be varied from 10 to 30 per cent.

Code of Conduct

There are some Code of Conduct for Remote Staff which they have to strictly follow. These Codes help to build a workaholic atmosphere and professional environment for the staff.

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Work Schedule
Work Schedule
Pay Schedule
Pay Schedule
Expertise Level
Expertise Level
Position Remote Staff
IT Administrator $5.54
IT Helpdesk Professional $5.54
Service desk professional $5.54
System Administrator $5.54
Desktop Engineer $5.54
Server Administrator $5.54
Office365 Administrator $5.54
MS SQL Database Administrator $5.54
Technical Support Specialist $5.54
Windows Administrator $5.54
Active Directory Administrator $5.54
Exchange Server Administrator $5.54
Cisco Certified Professional $5.54
Network Administrator $5.54
MCITP Administrator $5.54
MCSE Administrators $5.54
Azure Engineer $5.54
Cloud Engineer $5.54
Office365 Engineer $5.54
Technical Support Engineer $5.54
Senior system engineer $5.54
System Engineer $5.54
Desktop Support $5.54