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Managed Backups

Our best-in-class managed backup service provides data protection from any hardware failure, unplanned downtime, file system crash, hacking, and any other disaster. We keep a close eye on your IT infrastructure health and take care of all your data with regular monitoring. Our backup solution ensures fast, continuous, and reliable backups while handling different IT infrastructure components such as workstations, networks, databases, VMs, servers, and more.

Let us give you an understanding of our featured backups:

  • Central backup repository – It uses existing TC/IP network infrastructure without any special hardware needed.
  • High-performance backup – This replicates your data to disk-based archive storage up to every 15 minutes.
  • Portable backup – As the name suggests, you can take your backup safely along with you anywhere. You can even copy the data to any USB drive.
  • Multi-point replication – This allows you to make multiple backup replicas of your servers, be it on-site or off-site.
  • File restore – With streaming blocks to disks directly, large files can be restored faster.

We do not stop here as our list goes on with MS volume shadow copy, data retention, my SQL database protection, etc.

Why do we stand out with our managed backup services, the reasons are:

Our flexible pricing

Scheduled Security audits

Penetration testing

Quickly remediate failed backup issues

Complete backup management plan

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