Risk Mitigation

Let Us Deal with Risk to Make You Secure

No Upfront Recruitment Fees

We at BassanTech are quite pleased to invest in your long-term off-shoring success incorporated a fixed amount in recruitment costs. Our team of highly experienced professionals has the best of knowledge related to the local market and extensive network reach. Local recruiters of BassanTech can also access top strategies skills at short notice

No Pay for No Work

To make relation strong and trustworthy, you will be not charged for dissatisfaction with the work of staff members. You only have to pay for the hours of verified and confirmed work. You can independently check the staff members’ working hours by their timing on logged into their systems. We help you to monitor your staff with best of our solutions and also ensure to bring great productivity from them.

Authority to Question Working Hours

You are authorized to question the working hours of your staff members before the month end and prior to payroll being issued. You have all the rights to challenge the output of the staff in case of any doubt related to their working hours. In case of dissatisfaction, we will suspend the pay or billing and probe the matter. All your concerned related to the working hours of your staff will be resolved within two weeks. We will always ask you to pay for the working hours logged into the system.

No Cost for Staff Replacement

In case of dissatisfaction with the performance of any staff member, we will replace him /her with immediate effect. We always believe in the satisfaction of our clients therefore no charges will be applicable on staff replacement within first six months.

24-hour Termination Policy

In business, every day is new and brings new challenges. That’s why there is no place for non-performers in the business. We have a 24-hour termination policy for first six month of agreement.

100% Refund Guarantee on Unconsumed Hours

In case of any unconsumed hours, refund will be made within 15-days.