Why you should quit break/fix

For better and more compelling ideas related to break/fix contractor to managed services, you need to read this piece properly. If you’ve been using your break/fix contractor for past years and now thinking about taking the jump from break/fix to other Managed Services, then you need to take care of few things initially.

Let me take an example, if your servers crash. No, not just one - almost all of them! Your whole business comes to a grinding halt. None of your staff members can work. You will surely call your go-to break/fix IT provider, but he’s already overloaded with lots of work and can’t make it out to your offices till next week or may be few weeks. Then it's a big problem right. In a panic, you will surely call the first IT contractor you find on Google. And thankfully he’s available. But since you need this work done as soon as possible, he charges extra fee for a last minute fix for sure.You have no other option, you need to hire the contractor. You’re left hoping, he fixes almost everything quite well and none of your important data is lost in the process.

This is called the precarious nature of break/fix IT services. And while this is a considered as the case scenario, situations like this can and have happened easily but you need to be attentive all the time. So just have look at the related reasons why it needs to pays to hire a Managed Services Provider (MSP) instead.

MSPs escapes you from problems. Break/fix profit from them.

You just need to think about the relationship factors of Managed Services compared to break/fix. If you have your own business who currently use a break/fix contractor and you need to understand that it means, when your IT goes down your contractor gains more and more profit. That simply means your problem equals his reward.

How energetic do you think he is to do a job of fixing your problems? If that problem pops up again after sometime, it equals more and more reward for him. Now that’s not to say all break/fix contractors aren’t fixing your IT to the most of their capabilities. But think about the basic mindframe of a break/fix contractor which states problem=profit.

But if you look at MSP system, they actually works differently. You just need to pay a set fee every month to your hired IT provider. So the reward for the MSP comes every month. If something else goes wrong during the month, you don’t pay anything extra. Yet it costs the MSP more money, and it results affecting their profit margin.

Its not like problems won’t happen with an MSP. The simple rule behind it is when they do, they’ll end up costing the MSP service provider, and they certainly don’t want that. So for an MSP, the basic mindframe or formula is: healthy IT=profit.

MSPs extinguish interesting budget surprises

Who won't likes surprises, except when it comes to spending your own money. And when you have hired a break/fix IT service provider, the big surprises can and do happen easily and more frequently- and not the good ones, either.

An MSP is working to escape you problems from happening in the first place. You pay a monthly flat fee, so you have proper information about what you’re actually paying. You can plan and can decide your budget accordingly.

With break/fix, it’s fact that for some months you won’t have any IT related expenses from your contractor, which is great right. But other months, you could have long list of bills that are astronomical. BT Solutions are here to resolve your issues, so think wisely.