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BassanTech has a record of delivering top-notch services with Microsoft products and Techs. We, as a true partner, design and implement solutions across the Microsoft ecosystem. Our Microsoft techs follow a proactive approach and take complete advantage of Microsoft technologies and make the most of it. You just name it, and we will address all your needs across it. We help our clients to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI) from Microsoft projects.

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Office 365

Our expertise in office365 helps our clients to bring effective productivity to their work. We understand your business needs and hence, we bring feature-rich solutions as per your business requirement. Get an excellent vibe of corporate culture with the unique and informative presentation of your data. With Office 365, we will design the solution with below-mentioned features:

  • Office applications – OneNote, word, excel, and PowerPoint
  • One drive file storage
  • Outlook Emailing
  • Calendaring
  • Project management with Planner and project online
  • Business Application platforms – PowerApps, MS Forms, and MS Power Automate
  • Videos and presentation – Stream and Sway
  • Connection and collaboration – Delve
  • Business Data visualization – Power BI
  • Team collaboration – Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint online

With SharePoint, we can bring unique solutions for Office 365 to the table that are listed below:

  • Document and compliance management
  • Effective employee communication and Collaboration
  • Human resource management
  • Training management
  • Reports on corporate data


Today businesses need efficient usage of Azure cloud services to manage & develop applications and services via data centers and get complete data protection. With our expertise in Azure development and migration services, BassanTech offers the best solution to cloud architectures. We offer Azure-based development, Azure migration, and optimization service along with:

  • Q&A sessions during the consultation
  • Cloud architecture design for data warehouse and Azure based applications
  • Hybrid infrastructure design
  • Azure CI/CD pipeline design
  • Strategy for Azure migration
  • Plan for Risk management
  • Infrastructure configuration
  • Reviewing of code
  • Process explanation and policies after Azure migration
  • Guaranteed data security

What benefits you will get with BassanTech services:

Less development cost

Reduced cloud consumption cost

Fast development

High performing applications

Failure proof Applications

High security

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VMware migrations

BassanTech helps you move applications to a new VMware platform efficiently and securely with no downtime. Our below-mentioned VMware cloud migration solutions offer the lowest cost and speedy way:

  • VMware cloud on AWS
  • Azure VMware solution
  • Google cloud VMware engine
  • Oracle cloud VMware solution
  • VMware HCX

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Windows legacy upgrades and migrations

In today’s competitive business world, innovation is the key to success, and using the latest technology is a ladder to success. We understand that old systems are not able to perform as per the latest technologies and businesses can suffer low productivity with outdated ones.

So, are you still relying on obsolete technology? Are you not enough confident of upgrading windows legacy on your own? If the answer is Yes then, BassanTech is here to help you with windows legacy upgrades and migrations without any hassle at your end. Our reliable and qualified experts offer you the best and most suitable migration approach. They ensure that your key data is safe.

We help you win in this competitive world with our windows legacy and migration service. The advantages you will experience are:

No chance of failure

High performance of your system

Intuitive user interface

High compatibility with new updates

Not vulnerable to hacker attacks

Data security

We have worked with many companies in different sectors like banking, Insurance, retail, logistics, and many others. We can modernize your system as per your business needs with our below-mentioned approaches:



Cloud Solution

Saas, Paas, Iaas

RPA Automation

Blue prism, Pega, UiPath, etc


Container-based solutions can be built through Kubernetes, Apache, Docker, etc

Microservice architecture

Best for high-load systems


Windows legacy upgrades and migration needs mature processes and sharp expertise. For a smooth transition, your IT partner should be highly experienced and reliable.

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Hyper V deployment and administration:

Today, it doesn’t matter if you are working as an IT professional or a tech enthusiast, you will need to run multiple operating systems to work smoothly. Hyper-V is the technology that has made this possible. With Hyper-V, you can run multiple operating systems as virtual machines on widows. We help our clients with Hyper-v deployment and administration without failover clustering. Our dedicated team of experts understands how to manage hyper V hosts and virtual machines while they work for Hyper V administration.

The advantages you will get with this service are:

  • Expansion of private cloud environment
  • Effective use of hardware
  • Increased Business agility
  • Setting up a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
  • Improved business continuity
  • Quick disaster recovery and backup

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