Privacy Policy

General Information

We at BassanTech take care of the privacy of our clients, customers and business associates. We strive to make your all personal details shared with us protected and secured with best possible manner. To make information secure, we want you to read the privacy policy of BassanTech carefully to understand what information we collect and how we use the same. The Privacy Policy applies to information gathered by BassanTech and its associated units in your jurisdiction via BassanTech website, BassanTech Mobile Application and other links that related to BassanTech in one way to other.

What Information Do We Collect?

We at BassanTech collect your information in two general ways:

  • Personal Information: Such information are given by the users as individual to get access to the whole website. Here, users have to create their account in which they need to disclose their name, address, DoB and other necessary information like email address and mobile number.
  • Website Information: When you browse the website of BassanTech, there is some general information which we collect like IP Address. In short, we may collect data about user interactions and experiences while exploring the website – BassanTech like which pages users visited the most and what content they read and how often the same user visits the website. It helps us to improve our business.

How does BassanTech use personal information?

BassanTech generally use your personal data to inform you about the special offers, business achievements, promotional materials and sales alerts. We also use your personal information to improve our services and solutions keeping in mind your exact needs and requirements. Here we would like our customers, clients and business partners to understand that BassanTech only collects information to provide you a better experience to explore the website. In case, you fail to provide us your general details then we may be unable to serve you better. In some cases, we also send your information to our business associates to boost our business but your information is highly protected and secured. There is no chance of any misuse of your information by our authorized partners (third party).

Our entire process is highly safe and secured. However, there are certain unwanted links which appeared on the website occasionally, in such cases, please don’t click on those links. It may harm your system. Problem occurred due to accessing any unwanted link by the user, we don’t be responsible in any means. The sole responsibility of any harm is of the user only.

With BassanTech, your information is highly protected. We also reserve the right to completely use and disclose any information that is not personal in any form.

As we operate from different parts of the world therefore to provide you better and effective solution, BassanTech sends some of your general information to our experts sitting in different countries. Here we also give utmost protection to your information. In any condition and form, information related to you cannot be leaked by us.

Your association with BassanTech is completely secured and protected. So explore our services and solutions without any worries. We are here to serve you better in all departments.