Managing the work related to payroll is a time consuming process and at the same time tricky one too. Every country has its own norms and set guidelines which one has to follow. We at BassanTech make things easier for you by managing payroll in most effective manner. Our team of highly experienced professionals takes care of thing like registration with multiple government organization and manifold payments to several parties. We transfer the salaries of your staff directly into their personal bank accounts at the beginning of every month.

To make payroll management smooth, innovative billing technology of BassanTech automatically connects our staff payroll system and your invoice to the online timesheets of your contractors. During this process, you have complete control to approve overtime of your staff and even question them on hours. But to have the ability question the hours, you need to do the same before making the payroll.

Prepaid Billing

If you have a few staff then with our easy prepaid billing system, you can easily prepay your staff on weekly, half-monthly or monthly basis. You can also track these payments via your running credit balance charged in real-time at the closing time of your organization on each day. You can also keep an eye of the working hours of your staff and your current balance on the regular basis. Your unused credit will be automatically rolled over at the end of every month. We will also send you notification in advance when you are running out of credit allowing you to top up your account without any issue.

Regular Monthly Advanced Billing

In case of many staff or a bigger team, you can simply opt to our regular monthly advanced billing system. Your billing for one month will be paid in advance at the start of every month. Any unused or overtime credits will be adjusted in next month billing. Unlike our prepaid billing system, here all the entries are calculated on a monthly basis not on daily basis.