Our Cost

Why Hire a Remote Worker from BassanTech

1. We Do NOT Have Any Fixed Price

Unlike the other service providers, BassanTech doesn’t have a fixed price for the various services it offers. This is probably because of the following two reasons why we do NOT quote a fixed price to our clients

A. Our services lets you outsource any office work in different niches ranging from Infrastructure services, helpdesk/ service desk , Exchange server , VMware ,Backup and Disaster Recovery, Boost IT, Cloud Services, Directory and Email migrations, IT Consulting, Managed Services, Microsoft Office365, NOC Services and Virtualization. So, there would be some variations in cost of hiring the employees belonging to different professional backgrounds. For instance, an accountant will charge higher than a telemarketer in Europe or USA, this is also applicable for India as well.

B. Inevitably, there will be variations in the salaries of the employees if we look at certain factors like their technical expertise and years of experience. Like, a coder having 7 years of experience will have a higher salary than a fresher who has just entered the fray.

2. Our Prices are Significantly Lower

The key benefit of hiring an employee (or a team) from BassanTech would be the cost benefits that it offers. We offer our services at much lower rates than the cost of hiring a similarly qualified employee from Europe or USA. So, how are we able to achieve this? We will tell you -

A. A. To appreciate the cost savings from hiring offshore employees, you must compare the cost of hiring a similarly qualified employee for the same position in Europe or USA. Like, if you hire a Windows Level 3 engineers from us, you will get those services at US$1299 per month, but if the same services are to be availed in USA or Europe - need we say more?

B. The prices that we will quote will be all inclusive consisting of employee’s salary and all other amenities including the infrastructure, office space, hardware, management, technical support and HR.

3. Hire Indian Employees at Indian Rates

The best advantage of hiring employees from BassanTech is that you will hire talented and hardworking Indian professionals at minimal rates. Using our services, you can significantly reduce your operational costs and the process of hiring the additional staff will diminish. Consequently, you can increase your overall organizational efficiency.

Please note that the price listed on the website is indicative. BassanTech does not commit that an employee hired by you will be on that payroll. That is just an estimate range and you will get the cost of hiring as soon as you hire a candidate.