Managed IT

Managed IT

BassanTech takes over your day-to-day operations and helps in enhancing your IT & business functions being one of the best it managed service providers and also enables greater IT agility and scalability with the quality it Managed. We help in managing the people, processes, and toolsets of your IT operations which are complex, time-consuming, costly, and distracting as well with it service provider. Internal systems and capabilities take proper time to build and are much expensive to maintain-particularly in new or specialized domains as well. Yet, you need to make sure that your IT runs reasonably and meets your evolving business requirements.

Managed of BassanTech allow your specific IT operations to a service provider which is known in tech parlance as a Managed Provider. We provide a wide range of services such as alerts, security, patch management, data backup and recovery for varied client devices including servers, desktops, notebooks, storage systems, networks and applications gaining a name among other managed service company.

Being Managed providers, mostly price their services on a subscription basis and it depends on the services we offer. And the pricing is usually based on the number of these devices, with various packages priced at such levels. Some offer customer support onsite when needed.

Basic services mostly start with a monitoring service that notifies you issues, which you need to solve on your own. At the upper end of the spectrum, BassanTech offers fully Managed that cover almost everything from alerts through problem resolution. Typically we also perform an initial assessment of your current IT environment and management needs to assist in deciding what services and service levels you require.

In the information technology area, BassanTech provides all the major Managed which appear to evolve around connectivity and bandwidth, disaster recovery, network monitoring, security virtualization. And beyond these traditional application and infrastructure management, these Managed may also include storage, desktop and communications, mobility. It also provides services like:

  • Server remediation and monitoring
  • Email flow monitoring
  • Internet connection monitoring
  • Software asset reporting
  • Backup monitoring & maintenance
  • Microsoft OS critical patch management
  • Antivirus scanning & reporting
  • Unlimited purchasing support
  • Case management
  • Event analysis
  • Drive space monitoring
  • Workstation asset reporting
  • Exchange preventative maintenance
  • Citrix/Terminal server maintenance & administration