How Does BT Work

Now Outsource the Office Work Just like That

At BassanTech, one can easily outsource the professional work in any domain. We as a leading outsourcing company helps in assisting companies including both SMEs and large-scale in their hiring method by offering them the full-time enthusiasticemployees. We are known for providing the best outsourcing services, but with a unique, breaking all the related conventionalities. Customers have the proper freedom to hire their remote employees from us in various niches that were considered unnecessary or unsuitable for outsourcing earlier. The most famous as well as common outsourcing domains are –

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Boost IT Support
  • Cloud Services
  • Directory and Email Migrations
  • Exchange Services
  • Helpdesk Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Managed services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • NOC Services
  • Virtualization

The process that we usually follow entails -

  • 1. You need to send us your job requirement or actually needs.
  • 2. We will send you the suitable resumes of screened and well shortlisted 'prospective' candidates to you.
  • 3. Interview the selected sharp candidates.
  • 4. Finally, just hire them.


We have generally two kinds of model wherein you can either hire a single resource for your own work or the team model

1. The Dedicated Employee Model

BassanTech is known for providing you the leverage to select your very own hard working as well as dedicated employee. When you subscribe to our offered services, you just hire the actual person just as you do it locally. We have a single client-employee based model where one will have shut down collaboration and communication with the resource.

Here's how it works:

  • Assign the work properly to your employee
  • Employee will surely adhere to the instructions given
  • Give the professional training required as per your convenience
  • Supervise and properly monitor his work

seamless communication between employee and the patrons. The fully dedicated resource will keep you informed and well updated about the progress and then submit the tasks given by the customers as per the deadline. Precisely, it simply means you will have the same degree of authority and proper control as you would have with an in-house employee. The only slight difference being that the employee will be sitting actually remotely in the country.

The Dedicated Employee Model Advantage

Hiring the enthusiastic as well as dedicated employees means that:

  • Minimal risk options
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Trouble free as well as Easy Communication
  • Easy scalability
  • Hi-tech technology
  • No Hassles of red tape
  • Proper Flexible labor laws
  • Highly advanced software and hardware

2.The Team Model

BassanTech has created this model specifically for the clients who want to hire an entire team for projects based on IT and software development using the technologies like Dot Net, PHP and web designing. The team model follows a tier-level approach where you will have the Technical Team Leader who will lead the chain of command followed by a Senior Software Developer. Here's how this model works

  • Decide on the number of hours you want the team to work on.
  • If the need arises for more resources or increase in the number of hours, inform the technical team leader who will ensure the increased number of hours per day.
  • This model gives the client enough freedom to obtain a regular update regarding the progress of the project. With regular communication, you can have direct access to your virtual team.

The Team Model Advantage

The most important and the advantages for your employee in working in this kind of model is that one does not have to worry ever of your employees who are falling sick or your work getting stalled. You do not have to actually worry about your virtual team.

BassanTech's Role

In our professional outsourcing process, you can instruct, direct and/or train the hired employee you pay for. We do not actually interfere in your procedure and the work is concluded as per the given instructions provided by you.

Thus, our outsourcing process has the following features:

  • HARDWARE: The hired employee will be provided with a highly advanced new desktop or laptop and associated computer peripherals.
  • LOCAL PHONE NUMBER: It is necessary for your employee to have a phone number of your country, we will offer him with the same. So, now the calling your employee is just likes dialing a local number.
  • PHYSICAL PRESENCE: As per your all the given instructions, the employee will be available to take calls, video chats and offer you the overview of the work that has been done in real-time. You can take the proper follow-up with the employee.
  • SOFTWARE: we try to equip the employee with the commonly used software such as the highly advanced OS and Microsoft Acce. The employees are providing round the clock technical support so if the issue arise at any time of the day, it can be resolved promptly.
  • OFFICE INFRASTRUCTURE: The office infrastructure has all the work-class facilities ranging from highly advanced centralized air-conditioning system to high speed Internet access. Multiple power generators endeavour round the clock power supply.
  • HUMAN RESOURCE: Our in-house HR department take cares of maintaining leaves, attendance, holidays, appraisals, all the personal issues, client enforcement, employee benefits, proper administration and company policies.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Our help desk is open every day and you can also contact us through mail or phone. We will surely assist you with any employee-related queries.
  • NDA AND WORK OWNERSHIP: We have stipulated all in one provisions with respect to confidentiality and professional work ownership.