Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cost, Billing & Payment

Q. Please define your pricing structure?

A. We offer post-paid services which means you need to pay after availing our services. As soon as you have found your resource, you will have to pay for the first month’s invoice along with 15-day notice period fee and copy of the signed contract.

Q. Why do I need to pay for the 15 days’ notice period?

A. After the selected employee starts working for you, you need to pay fee for 15 days’ notice period along with the first month’s invoice.

Q. Does BassanTech Offer Services on Post-Paid Model? What is it?

A. Yes. Once you have shortlisted a candidate for interview and you have decided to hire him, you will need to pay the receipt of the first month’s invoice after the selected employee starts working for you.

Q. Are there any hidden charges? Can I ask for the price breakup?

A. Once you contact us, we will send you resumes of several candidates along with their individual price irrespective of the position you are looking for. The price that we quote is all inclusive including recruitment, HR, customer support, management, office space, other infrastructure, hardware and a dedicated employee.

Stay rest assured as we have NO hidden charges.

Q. Could you please explain your billing schedule?

A. As we have monthly billing procedure, you need to pay after the end of each month of work. For instance, if the employee has worked for you from 1st to 31st January, you will need to pay after 31st January to continue using our services.

Q. What are the modes of payment?

A. Our most preferable mode of payment is Wire Transfer, but you can also pay via Google checkout using VISA or MASTER CARD or our secure payment gateway.

Q. Will I be assisted by a ballpark figure to understand your pricing model?

A. If you need a ballpark figure, you will have to pay somewhere $990-$1480 per month. It will depend as per the job requirements, experience of the candidate and qualifications.

Q. What is one-time cost?

A. The fee that we charge as the 15-day notice period that has to be paid along with the first months’ invoice is the one-time cost. You need NOT have to pay further for the same.

Q. What are your cost determinants if the services are post-paid?

A. The price that we quote for an employee depends on the nature of work that you need, years of selected candidate’s experience and qualifications.