Things You Should Know About Remote Staff Billing

Prepaid Billing vs. Regular Monthly Advanced Billing

Those who have less than 10 remote staff, we at BassanTech offer them a service of prepaid billing in which our prices are entrenched in hourly prices of your contractor. Similarly those who have more than 10 remote staff or a larger team, we offer them Regular Monthly Advanced Billing service in which billing will be generated in advance for the month and any dues like overtime and under time working hours will be adjusted in next month billing.

BassanTech Investment in Your Recruitment Cost

We believe in long relationship therefore invest upfront in your recruitment cost. With us, you don’t need to pay the cost of recruitment. However in case of moving any staff off the remote staff platform then you are liable for a placement fee.

Easy Cost

To make you analyze how much you are actually spending on the wages, all our billing are generated into the wages of contractors with prepaid billing system. We ensure that your prepaid credit is only debited for the actual working hours for which your contractors have worked.