Account Manager

Build Momentum with Your Professional Account Manager

Establishing any business needs a lot planning and well execution. A helping hand is always good to boost the productivity of a business. It is always essential to have someone who can take care of all the requirements of an organization. Here comes the role your account manager who helps you to deal with various matters related to your business like arranging any business meet, providing instant management support and issues related to HR Department.

Your professional account manager allows you to concentrate on your workflow and staff leaving all other worries on him/her. Your highly skilled account manager always aims to build momentum to achieve all your business goals. Once you achieve the momentum, they strive to assist you and your staff to boost the productivity in the remote working landscape. The skilled support of your account manager helps you to bring effective and fruitful results.

We at BassanTech can help you in the following ways:

  • Help you to make effective staff-retention strategies and policies
  • Arrange and manage special work in smooth manner
  • Help clients to use better and innovative technologies and remote staff platform in efficient manner
  • Look after the travel and visa related work for staff
  • Ensure smooth passage between you and your staff in communication and cultural issues
  • Staff-replacement management
  • Termination of employment of any staff
  • Managing the administrative work like attendance and HR management