BassanTech – a trusted IT solutions company.

BassanTech is one of the leading firms that known for offering cutting-edge, affordable & secure IT support and technology solutions to its clients in various parts of the world. Since its inception, the company always acts like a strong and reliable partner to the IT department by providing a wide range of effective solutions with advanced software tools that help our clients to enhance the productivity of their businesses. BassanTech always believes that providing innovative IT support and technology solution is the only way to assist its prestigious clients to run their business effectively.

More Advantage, More Profit with BassanTech

Partnering with BassanTech is like having your own branch office in any part of the world, just like 50 percent of all 500 Fortune companies who have a quite strong presence in the world.

A huge talent pool acessesible at cutting-edge cost working for you from your own managed office in any part of the world – all at zero setup cost.

To solve all the issues you face with freelancing and at the competitive rates better than a freelancing. In freelancing model, every freelancer generally works remotely from a varied location. This creates communication in convenience between the whole team if the client has hired the professional team of freelancers from BassanTech who are well scattered all over the world. But with BassanTech, your entire team sits just next to each other in a managed office. This increases the productivity of the team as a whole and makes it quite easy for the client to manage his/ her valuable projects. The workforce/ office/ payroll/ hardware/ software are all well-supervise by the BassanTech staff.

Our Driving Force: Professionalism

The driving force behind our swift success, which today sees us serving numbers of companies from various countries, is our objective. BassanTech mindset is concentrated solely on professionalism. Professionalism in all areas, be it proper customer support, HR, recruitment, office hardware, office infrastructure or management. But most essentially, professionalism by always staying true to our promises on best quality and cost beliefs.

Our Strengths: Smart Use of Technology and Human Resource

We offer each and every client with a fully dedicated, full­time employee whoworks remotely for them from our office here in the country. To successfully get this objective, relies on the proper management, infrastructure, hardware and the highly advance technology to bridge physical distance and time zone standards. Although your BassanTech staff works directly for you.

It is that offers every employee with the highly advanced hardware, infrastructure of all the international standards and supervision, proper guidance and management. What this actually achieves is that even though your employee is working from our office in the country, they work directly for you as though they were actually operating physically from your own office.

Our Goals: Same Quality at Low Cost has its own exclusive core value and revolutionary business principle, ‘Same quality but importantly lower cost’. It's major objective is to fulfill the long­standing outsourcing vacuum felt by scores of all the latest Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across North America and Europe who till now, were usually dependent mostly on offshore freelancers. generally simplifies their outsourcing experience by offering them with dedicated employees who work solely for them just like their own in-house freelancers. These Indian professionals match their western counterparts in various terms like skills, qualifications and experience along with the added benefits of attractive low costs. In short, gives equally (or even more) qualified employees from any of the IT domain but a significantly lower price.